2009 Art Spirit Now

(originally written for Lila.info by Delvin Solkinson)

Art is Spirit.

As hundreds gathered for the recent Art Spirit Now event in Portland (May 22nd 2009), it was evident that the Spirit of the Art was calling everyone together with a fresh energy of excitement and passionate anticipation. Here a fresh dream was being forged, one that seemed to usher in a new era for art, culture and community. People flocked from all corners of west Coast to answer the call of Spirit in Action, coming together to celebrate the Northwest Coast visionary renaissance.

Exhibition Gallery

At the Heart of the event presented by Elliot and Beloved Productions were three artists whose signature is a refined approach to bridging Art and Spirit, bringing a vision of art in the past mostly relegated to art parties and festival cultures into the growing gallery world. That night, along with host of artists and musicians, David Heskin, Eric Nez and Aloria Weaver shared a vitalizing energy with the NorthWest Coast.

Eric Nez and David Heskin

Allyson Grey and Aloria Weaver

The line into the event stretched for blocks before the doors even opened. Many had come to share in the ever splendored presence of Alex and Allyson Grey along with their magical ally Mz. Imani. By the time their talk started the venue was shining with a thousand twinkling eyes full of inspired reverence for this incredible team of visionaries. After the talk they did an incredible live painting performance deep into the night. Together they sharing an expanse of kind light in a presence which entranced the crowd and lit up the future with the glow of possibility.

Alex Grey and Mz. Imani

Supported by a beautiful art catalogue and gorgeous media platform rendered by Newskin Studio and Naga Networks, this art event is the first in a long line of finely nuanced gallery shows, art media streams and cultural activations. The Spirit of the Art has arrived again.

See more pictures on Beinart.org and Podcollective.com. The follow up event is happening this coming weekend in Portland at the same location.

Correspondent : Delvin Solkinson

Photography : Kyle Nicholas

Weave : David Heskin and Aloria Weaver

Art at top of Article : ‘Ohh Luminous Moon, Please Bless Our Consciousness With Free Wings’
by Eric Nez

The Renaissance is Now

"Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes."
Kahlil Gibran

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