Mischtechnique : A Living Lineage in Paint

The Visions in Mischteknik painting seminar at Torri Superiore, a medieval labyrinth turned ecovillage in the Ligurian foot-Alps of the Italian Riviera, hosted three weeks of study with three masterful teachers of the new sacred art movement, Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage and A. Andrew Gonzalez.

Torri Superiore, Medieval Italian Ecovillage

Bringing together an international body of emerging artists to study in the lineage passed down from the Viennese grand master, Ernst Fuchs, this was a historic convergence nestled in a timeless valley of mythic proportions.  Among the 20 students present from all across Europe and North America, many are already exhibiting or emerging in the international visionary art world, further propelled by this opportunity to connect with a technique which is as spirited in its insights and applications as the visions which it brings to life through the synthesis of mind, hand and spirit.

The Bridge to the Painting Studio at Torri Superiore

At the core of this experience are the instructors who seek to bridge intuition and new ways of seeing with the ability to channel concepts into luminous manifestations of the art spirit.

Laurence Caruana, a Gnostic alchemist, scholar, author and mystical artist continues to solidly deliver the foundations of the Misch technique in his third year offering the seminar at Torri Superiore.  Through hands-on creativity and many multimedia presentations on the nature of visionary form and color, the class was brought into a higher and more refined awareness of the subtle nature of beauty in art, learning new ways to see the world we create through painting.

Amanda Sage worked with each student on one of the most intriguing subjects in art, the self portrait, challenging the artists to go beyond their preconceptions and truly observe themselves in the mirror, while being allowed the flexibility to develop complex color combinations which the Misch technique brings to life through multiple layers of transparent oil glazes.

Emma Watkinson Painting Her Self Portrait

Andrew Gonzalez welcomed eager students into the mysterious secrets of his delicate process with the airbrush, opening all new levels of possibility to the creative process through the most subtle techniques imaginable.  This trinity of master artists set the tone for an unforgettable experience in the studio, and held a high frequency for those who had come great distances to drink from the fountain of art.  Many seeds were planted over the three short weeks, and many possibilities dreamt of for future projects and convergences. Participants made full use of this fabled nexus by conducting interviews and group dialogues to catalogue the visionary art movement and its messages as these waves of vision crest upon the worldwide cultural shores.

Daniel Mirante (www.lila.info) and Andrew Gonzalez in dialogue at Torri Superiore

The seminar ended with a climactic exhibition of completed paintings and works in-progress at the eco-village of Torri Superiore, whose international inhabitants, guests and volunteers marveled at the brilliant expressions which manifested within the stone walls of this ancient palace. Students said their goodbyes as many returned to their homes and many traveled onward to visit further masterworks of the Italian Renaissance, and to Vienna, home of the Fuchs Villa, where the master’s works are on permanent exhibition.

A display of finished and in-progress student paintings at Torri Superiore.

For information on the seminar and the Misch technique, visit Laurence Caruana’s website:  www.lcaruana.com

Amanda Sage : www.amandasage.com

Andrew Gonzalez : www.sublimatrix.com

The Renaissance is Now

"Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes."
Kahlil Gibran

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