Saturday, May 25th: Colorado Alliance of Visionary Artists

Art Spirit Now celebrates Visionary Art & Culture Month in Colorado!

Colorado is home to a vast and growing network of world-renowned visionary artists.  This network encompasses artists of various mediums and disciplines, all of whom recognize themselves to be part of the living lineage of the emerging international Visionary Art Movement.  The Colorado Alliance of Visionary Artists was recently formed to organize, empower and officialize the strong visionary art presence in the region.

Enjoy the beautiful creekside patio overlooking Central Park, during Boulder Creek Festival weekend.  Events are held in an intimate gallery setting inside the newly-remodeled Agora At the Riverside, 1724 Broadway Ave. (at Arapahoe).

Tickets are extremely limited!
Available online
(click here) and in downtown Boulder at Umba – 2043 Broadway, just north of Pearl.

Featured Artists (click name to visit artist’s website):

Laurence Caruana
Martina Hoffmann
Hikaru Hirata-Miyakawa
Amanda Sage
Android Jones
Aloria Weaver
David Heskin
Krystle Smith

Live collaborative painting performance by the exhibiting artists will be ongoing throughout the night, fueled by the electronic soundscapes of our wonderful musical guests.

Performances & music:

The digital alchemy of Android Jones and the mystic dance of Phaedrana merge in the acclaimed Phadroid performance.

“Phadroid synthesizes ancient and contemporary forms of expression through cutting edge visual and dance vocabularies. The seamless fusion of live movement and live digital art projection unfolds in real time, invoking new patterns of response from its audience as the artists tap into the same current of creative energy until a new level of spatial depth is achieved.”

Kalpataru Tree
“Etheric soundscapes seeded with intentions of healing and transformation flower out of organic dub bass lines and twisting guitar melodies. Truly unique musical expressions and vibrational frequencies massage your consciousness, beckoning your soul towards new realities infused with light, love, and possibility.”

“Infusing the sounds of psychedelic dub-hop and dream-n-space with entrancing electronic landscapes and the lush, vibrant tones of world music, unveiling beautiful and intricate auditory dreamlands that are at once organic and synthetic, conscious and subconscious, planetary and extra-terrestrial…”

Eukarya’s Sacred Dance
“This genre-bending project draws heavy influence from the worldwide ambient/chillout movement, as well as the glitch hop/trip hop/bass music movement… creating intentionalized soundscapes and immersive worlds out of sound, while tastefully laying them over hiphop beats and baselines that carry well on a dance floor… a genuinely unique and purifying sonic experience. Eukarya integrates sacred visionary dance from movement artist Ariana “AriFairy” Papousek, an internationally acclaimed performance artist whose unique style is rooted in circus arts, modern dance, gymnastics, and theater.”

Kyma Muse
“Kyma Muse is a refined amalgamation of the creative ambitions of artist Dustin Fay. Exploiting any and all resources in the name of ART, the Kyma project strives to awaken individuals to the natural organization and syncronistic nature of life, while awakening the divine inspiration within all.”