Deepening the Experience : Eric Nez

The mystical, transformational yoga and multidimensional nature paintings of Eric Nez are fit for a temple, and for the month of November, 7 years of Eric’s masterworks are on royal display at the Tribe 13 Gallery in Ukiah, California.

Following the flow of the show’s title, the experience was indeed deepened, as a full house on opening night was followed by numerous events throughout the month, including weekly yoga sessions, a dream circle, sound-healing, tea ceremony, a presentation by world-renowned mycologist Paul Stamets, and live painting by Eric Nez, in addition to multiple musical events.

This exhibition is a dream come to life, and represents Nez’s first solo gallery exhibition, in which a majority of the works are larger-than-life figurative yoga asana paintings. Each piece has been custom-framed by the artist himself and many have altar frames for a deeper integration of sacred artifacts and natural elements into the art installation.

In the realm of visual art to inspire yoga practice, there is precious little to parallel the quality and caliber which Eric Nez delivers.  Each piece offers the viewer a portal into a mystical world; an opportunity to experience the transcendent states which are accessible through a deeply devoted asana practice. Nez’s Nature paintings offer glimpses into the microcosm of the Plant Kingdom- a view that reflects the energetic essence and healing powers of the plants and flowers.  Clearly, this view is made available through the artist’s own symbiotic relationship with Mother Nature.

In the artist’s own words, Eric Nez invites us to “Deepen the Experience”,
“… to connect with [his] collection of art and experience the dream that dances between the Sun and the Moon, the union of geometry and yoga postures, the embrace of the clouds, the healing of Nature’s medicines and the growth of her plants.”

Eric Nez challenges us to deepen the way in which we experience art- to directly engage with art, integrating it into our lives, viewing it in new ways, diving deeply into the visual universes he creates, that we may bring back the jewels of wisdom he offers, enriching our lives and our spirits.

The ‘Deepening the Experience’ exhibition at Tribe 13 Gallery is the first stop on a tour of the west coast and beyond in select galleries, yoga studios and sacred spaces.

For more on the Art of Yoga, visit the website of Dreaming Co:nexus, or visit Eric Nez directly at

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