Dreaming Co:nexus

Devotional Collaboration, Healing Art & Yoga Art.
Founded in 2006, Dreaming Co:nexus is an artist collective whose collaborative works focus on large scale installation, devotional painting vigil, murals, sacred, healing and visionary art. Modeling the cooperative principles of consensus and collaboration, Dreaming Co:nexus defines itself as a multi-limbed art entity. The collective unifies in the act of creation, providing access to a far greater vision than that which is available to the solo artist.
David Heskin, Aloria Weaver, Eric Nez & Noah Einhorn

What began as a natural tendency toward working together to create artworks which were out of the scope of an individual, became a way of life for a close group of allies in the Pacific Northwest. Realizing the grand potential held within this template for creation, a new dimension of melded media art was birthed.