Galactik Trading Cards : Spirit Art MicroGallery
This global arts initiative and art card deck celebrates the spirit of the inspired imagination. Exploring creativity at the heart of the human, here is a media stream sharing an ecology of worlds, entities, beings, landscapes and experiences from a more-than-human world. Crossing over times and places, this is a thread that weaves through the collective history of all human cultures, linking together interconnected art genres including fantastic art, indigenous art, fantasy art, spiritual art, shamanic art, visionary art, entheo art, magical realism, imaginal realism, and surrealism. Featuring over 100 artists from 40 countries on all 6 continents, this world crystal reflects facets of an artistic impulse that includes all places on the planet.

Individual cards may be gifted and traded as inexpensive art artifacts. They may grace altars, mantles, fridges, mirrors and lockers. Sets of cards can be organized into ‘micro-galleries’ for displays on walls, workspaces and gallery installations. A full deck of cards may be used an a syncretic oracle openly connecting to a diversity of divinatory systems. The galactik trading cards are a media fleet vehicle, an art culture community building initiative intending to inspire the collective evolution of the conscious creative process while promoting art and artists worldwide. This not-for-profit, limited edition gaming system reflects the emergence of planetary culture.

Delvin Solkinson

Borne from the rainforest, Delvin Solkinson is a permaculture designer and plant path poet. In an artful life turning point, Delvin met David Heskin in 2003, and deepened his love and appreciation for fantastic visionary art. Curating galleries, writing articles on visionary arts and culture, publishing zines, and making galactik trading cards is part of Delvin’s media initiative to help support the creation of a spirited future culture. After extensive work in the festival circuit, Delvin is turning his efforts towards the gallery world and participating more heavily in the global media streams. Honored to be involved with Art Spirit Now, Delvin is planning many future projects which will transform and explore the synergy between art, media and cultural activism.