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The Meeting of Art & Science

Aloria Weaver & David Heskin
Presentation from the 2nd Annual Electric Universe Conference: The Tipping Point
Albuquerque, NM – January, 2013

May 2013 is Visionary Art & Culture Month

This is an opportunity and call to action for the exhibition of ideas, visions and leaders who are ahead of their time.  Numerous gallery exhibitions and cultural happenings are being scheduled in Colorado during the month of May.  Visionary Art and Culture month is being initiated and promoted by CAVA: Colorado Alliance of Visionary Artists.

While widely discussed and debated, the concepts of “Visionary Art” and “Visionary Culture” remain somewhat open to interpretation.

In the context of the upcoming Boulder events series Art Spirit Now, the terms are generally accepted to describe art and ideas that impel the advancement of humanity toward a full-scale cultural renaissance.  Presentations by cultural evolutionaries, international and local artists will highlight the main events, along with a gallery exhibition and live art.

The newly formed Vienna Academy of Visionary Art will be presented for the first time in the U.S. by founder, Laurence Caruana (France) and 5 Colorado artists that are also members of the academy.  This international bridge is being built  throughout the month, culminating on the last weekend of May in Boulder.

Another CAVA art event scheduled in May:
Saturday, May 11th

Trace Gallery, Denver Art Walk
Emerging Light – Colorado & International Artists
Follow this link for more information on the Boulder events on May 23rd & 25th.

Deepening the Experience : Eric Nez

The mystical, transformational yoga and multidimensional nature paintings of Eric Nez are fit for a temple, and for the month of November, 7 years of Eric’s masterworks are on royal display at the Tribe 13 Gallery in Ukiah, California.
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CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture

CoSM Journal provides a forum for the emergence of visionary culture and shares with its readers the work and stories of artists, thinkers and community builders who are dedicated to transformative living, and committed to the integration of wisdom and the arts.  It is offered to inform, connect and inspire this evolving global awareness.

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Galactik Trading Cards : Spirit Art MicroGallery
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Evolutionary PathWayves

Evolutionary Pathwayves is a whole system design collaborative.
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Dreaming Co:nexus

Devotional Collaboration, Healing Art & Yoga Art.
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2009 Art Spirit Now

(originally written for by Delvin Solkinson)

Art is Spirit.

As hundreds gathered for the recent Art Spirit Now event in Portland (May 22nd 2009), it was evident that the Spirit of the Art was calling everyone together with a fresh energy of excitement and passionate anticipation. Here a fresh dream was being forged, one that seemed to usher in a new era for art, culture and community. People flocked from all corners of west Coast to answer the call of Spirit in Action, coming together to celebrate the Northwest Coast visionary renaissance.

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The Renaissance is Now

"Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes."
Kahlil Gibran

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