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Galactik Trading Cards : Spirit Art MicroGallery
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Evolutionary PathWayves

Evolutionary Pathwayves is a whole system design collaborative.
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Dreaming Co:nexus

Devotional Collaboration, Healing Art & Yoga Art.
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2009 Art Spirit Now

(originally written for by Delvin Solkinson)

Art is Spirit.

As hundreds gathered for the recent Art Spirit Now event in Portland (May 22nd 2009), it was evident that the Spirit of the Art was calling everyone together with a fresh energy of excitement and passionate anticipation. Here a fresh dream was being forged, one that seemed to usher in a new era for art, culture and community. People flocked from all corners of west Coast to answer the call of Spirit in Action, coming together to celebrate the Northwest Coast visionary renaissance.

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The Renaissance is Now

"Genius is not a possession of the limited few, but exists in some degree in everyone. Where there is natural growth, a full and free play of faculties, genius will manifest itself."
Robert Henri

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