Art Spirit Now was founded as a catalyst for the infusion of inspiration and beauty into the arts and culture at large.

Upon witnessing the reigning gallery world in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, we realized that a new model in the arts was needed to make the cultural evolutionary leap out of the current self-destruct mode, into one of of compassion, connectedness, love, truth and reverence. Art, in its role as a guiding force for culture, has a responsibility to dream a world that is possible, not simply to react to the fragmented world already existent.

Thus began Art Spirit Now.

In May of 2009, Art Spirit Now made its initial mark on the public.

With a regional visionary artist lineup accompanied by legends Alex and Allyson Grey,
art was in high form while the connection between established artists and emerging visionaries was made clear.

In collaboration with Beloved Presents, Art Spirit Now utilized this
first opportunity to interface with the outside world as the spark to launch a more comprehensive plan for the future.

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